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Not The Worst Idea

Oct 12, 2017

Chris and Dave explore the weird machinations of Soccer World Cup qualification, discuss the actual worst ideas of the moment, and interview the delightful Mary K of @ladieswholeague.

Oct 5, 2017

Chris and Dave cover a week of highs and lows, with brilliant AFL & NRL grand Final entertainment, the awful events in Las Vegas, and meeting Kristy Frawley of Kepos St Kitchen and co-author of the new cookbook "Hummus and Co.".

Sep 21, 2017

Chris and Dave examine whether Australia can afford so many sports teams, and meet the fascinating Chief Brabon, fitness transformation coach

Sep 15, 2017

Chris and Dave delve into outrage about non-outrage, then respect of referees, followed by a deep-dive into relevance of Olympic cities. This week's guest is modern-day renaissance man Alby Talarico. 

Sep 7, 2017

Chris and Dave explore the feel-good sports story of 2017, free speech in Australia and are joined by writer and filmmaker Kodie Bedford.